Game developer Graham (Sally Beaumont) is participating in inkJam 2019, the theme is "at the brink".

Fixated on shoehorning a game about the environment into it, Graham struggles to find a game idea that works.

With the deadline looming will he release a game for inkJam, and what will it cost him?

Voice talent:

Sally Beaumont

Joseph Beacham

Jeremy Smith Sebasto


In A Jam 41 MB
In A Jam 42 MB
In A Jam 42 MB


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Linux (or web) export please? 


I can put a Linux build up, but I can’t test it, so you need to promise to let me know if it works fine or not! :)

It works beautifully. I Installed it via the itch desktop app and had no issues with it.

Very enjoyable. This was my life the past three days, sans movies about penguins.  Literally laugh-out-loud funny in places--bonus points for the Charlie Kaufman reference.

Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it😄