A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Peregrine Fixalot is a handy-slug, he meticulously carries out repairs in the Kingdom, his greatest shame was putting the hinges on the power station entrance the wrong way, but that's all in the past.

Speaking of the power station, when the power to the castle goes out and stops the music, Peregrine is summoned to fix it. 

If only the power station wasn't so far away, what should be a simple task is fraught with reasonably friendly creatures, some not too difficult puzzles and free beer. Milk is not free though, you have to pay for that.

Made for AdvXJam 2021


Sally Beaumont

Ivy Dupler

Mike Forward

Laura Cress

Andrew Goulding

With music by:

Angelo Naso


Left click to move and interact.

Move mouse cursor to the top of the screen for inventory.

Click on inventory items then click on something in the world or another inventory item to use them together.


Fixalot 40 MB
Fixalot 40 MB


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Hi! Seems to be unplayable. The game pauses for long periods during dialogues, before or after certain events, don't know exactly when and why. Not stuck completely, there seems to be something going on but it's taking time.

On Windows? So annoying, I can’t reproduce this bug, but it’s been plaguing me for a while. Thanks for letting me know, and sorry about the time wasted watching it spin its wheels.


As you know, we had a lot of fun with Fixalot on stream! Props to all your amazing voice actors as well! 🥰 I wrote short recaps of all the submissions for our blog, let me just add this here:

Fixalot follows the adventures of a handy-slug that has to fix the local power station as the castle suffers from a blackout, forcing all the kingdom’s animals to stop their party. On the way, you encounter all kinds of different animals, creatures and of course: puzzles.

What really stands out in Fixalot, besides all the funny situations and dialogues, is the voice acting. Studio Hazy managed to bring professional voice actors on board and it shows! While we always have fun doing the voice acting ourselves on stream, we were happy to step back and let the voice actors shine in this one. Also, are teeth bones?

Cheers for the write up, the voice actors were great to work with!

cool game but im stuck, maybe im just stupid but i dont understand the tone lock puzzle. 

If you interact with the door it plays three notes at different pitches. With the echo monsters you need to recreate those pitches, but if they just echo what you say that's no good. However if you change the gas they breathe then it will change the pitch of their voice, ie helium makes it higher. Hope that helps :)

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thanks for the fast response, ill give it a shot

EDIT: I tried to figure it out and while their responses were slightly changing in tone, I still felt mostly tone deaf to it. Sucks theres no save function because I had to restart only to get stumped again. 

Sorry about the save function! Ok the solution is left dial to green, right dial to yellow. Click on valley and select middle tone.

Thanks for the solution and the game of course. Ill check it out later when I have time


Finally had time to sit down. Thought the game was cute. thank you!

Looks cute and silly, the biggest problem is the slowed down events. Getting a beer takes 30 seconds for example. 

That must be a bug, should be 1 second, I'll have a look at what could be causing it.

Yeah, it's like there's a delay of the audio and the animation, like they don't go in tandem but one after the other. It happens with pretty much every event where the player has no control of the character. 

I was unable to reproduce the pausing on my PC, but this bug has been haunting me for a while, so after ferreting around in the dark corners of the engine I made some changes that might make a difference. If you have the time to re-download and check it'd be greatly appreciated :)

Tried the latest build, sorry, but the issue persists for me. :(

Thanks for trying! *screams into the abyss*