A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Full game coming soon for Windows and Mac, maybe June...fingers crossed!

It's 2036 and technology continues to spiral out of control. London's criminals find new ways to stay ahead of the police, but with the imminent introduction of the Damocles Armoured Fighting Robot to the police, what new scheme will they come up with next?

Nathan Jordan is a composite artist who works as a consultant for the police, his quiet life is about to be shattered when his missing brother suddenly reappears in his life. Unfortunately his brother is being held hostage.

Compelled by guilt from his past, Nathan will stop at nothing to get his brother back. With the police, a global crime organisation called The Syndicate, and the mysterious art thief known as The Wolf all in Nathan's path, the situation is looking grim.


Engaging story and rich sci-fi world

Memorable characters fully voiced

Original soundtrack by Jonathan Rock

Glorious pixel art, but a modern adventure

Composite art mini-game 

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Install instructions

Unzip and run!


Drawn Down Demo 40 MB
Drawn Down Demo 42 MB

Also available on


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Interesting start, I think Nathan should have taken the gun too given what happened. :)


There's a lot of things Nathan should have done in the full game!


Hello there! Great job on that demo guys! Event though a lot of similar games have been released recently, after playing not event 2 minutes you're already stuck to the story! I can't wait to be able to play the full version ! Nice work! loved it! 

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Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

i loved this demo! Is the full game available on the app store only? until june-ish? 

can't wait to finish the story! i encountered no bugs, by the way :)

Thank you so much! Yeah you can get it for iPad/iPhone or Mac on the respective Apple stores. The PC version will be ready soon!

Went through it one more time (thanks for the tip). Although that part slowed me down, I still really enjoyed the game. And that ending is quite the cliff hanger.

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

This game is really interesting. I did come across a few bugs; not sure if I missed something that caused me to not be able to progress but I really enjoyed playing and look forward to the full game!

Thank you! I will investigate those bugs they are new ones 😓 I saw where you got stuck, I might change it so you can progress easier at that part.