A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Miguel needs to feed his cats so he gets a job at a scam dating website where they trick unsuspecting lonely men into giving up their money.

Will Miguel learn the secrets of this trade?

In Catfish Fish Cat you have conversations with other men via a dating chat app while pretending to be a young woman. If you say the right things they'll tip you more, and more tips means more treats for your cats!


Paul Thomas

Natalie Winter

Erika Sanderson

Adrian Vaughan

Sally Beaumont

Soundtrack by Mauricio Costa

Made for #AdvJam2020


Catfish Fish Cat 38 MB
Catfish Fish Cat 39 MB


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Is there voice acting in the game?


Yes :)

I didn't have any expectations going into it, but this was a really lovely, short game. I loved the messaging bits, the story there, but I'm also intrigued about the whole cat website bit- why is it like that? Why can't I just interact with my cats in real life? are the cats real or some kind of game? I'd love to know more, and play more if a sequel was made.

Thank you for playing, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I made this deep into the COVID lockdown in 2020 so the themes of isolation and loneliness were quite prominent. The cat website, I feel, reflects nicely the chat job, the men you chat to can only do so through the screen. Then we find Miguel can only find connection through the screen as well. I never thought about the cats not being real, it’s a good idea but maybe too much for this small game, and I couldn’t be that cruel to Miguel during lockdown :)