Esteemed botanist William Harrington arrives in Shanghai, he's on a most secret mission to procure tea plants and seeds from deepest China, only the very best will do.

Helping him in is task is you, Hsiao Ch'eng Man frequently hired as a translator, this is the first time you've been asked to do something like this.

The foreigners certainly know how to throw money around, perhaps you can make the most of this situation and avoid getting caught by the authorities.

How to play: Click on the red circles to progress the story, match the required image on the interface that appears or add money where required. Rest at the inn to replenish your turns.

This game is set in a time and place in history but it's entirely a piece of fiction, I make no claim to historical/cultural accuracy, please enjoy.


All the Tea in China 24 MB
All the Tea in China 25 MB

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